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Yggdrasil World Tree Sterling Silver Ring

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🗡Authentic symbol popular in the Viking world

🗡Represents the interconnectedness of all things and the inescapability of faith

🗡Made by expert craftsmen

🗡Highest quality sterling silver


The Viking vision of the universe was very different from what we share today, and it all centered on Yggdrasil.

The universe was composed of nine worlds, all of which sat among the roots and branches of Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of Life or the World Tree.

Yggdrasil was the force that connected the cosmos, passing life between the different worlds, but also maintained order as it kept the worlds apart, for example, preventing the giants from easily passing into Midgard, the world of men.

As such, for the Vikings, Yggdrasil was a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things.

It was also linked with the idea of fate, as the Norns, the Norse fates, lived at the base of Yggdrasil and wrote the fates of men into its bark with the runes.

This finely designed sterling silver ring is the perfect way to represent your affinity to the Viking universe, as well as your belief in the inevitability of fate and the interconnectedness of all things in life.


Color : Silver   Weight : 16g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine

All our rings are manufactured on request. Delivery times can extend up to 2 weeks.