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Berzerker Paw Silver Amulet

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Berzerker Paw Silver Amulet

This product also exists in Bronze

💎Represents strength and protection
💎Inspired by the Berserker warriors of Viking legend
💎Quality materials ensure durability
💎Hole 2.5mm

Perfect fit with :

➡Genuine Leather Cord : Here

➡Fine Sterling Silver Chain : Here

What does this jewelry represent ?

The most fearsome of all Viking warriors were the Berserkers.

These mighty warriors would work themselves into a frenzy before an attack, communing with the spirit of the bear to gain its strength and power.

This ritual made them ferocious and all but invincible in the battle to come.

These Berserker rituals are believed to have been a form of animal magic, and while warriors were channelling the spirit of the bear, they were believed to be impervious to steel and fire.

To go berserk is to change form, to take on an alter-ego that possesses qualities that we lack, but need in the moment.

Help channel your inner strength with this pure steel bear Berserker amulet, calling forth your most ferocious and invulnerable self.


Color : Bronze   Weight : 7 g   Size : 1-3/16" (30mm) in diameter

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver