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Silver Sterling Berserker Bear Paw Pendant Earrings

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💎Invoke the strength and spirit of the Viking berserker warriors
💎Authentic and distinctive Viking-style design
💎Immediately brings a Viking style
💎Highly detailed design made by top craftsmen
💎The quality materials and construction provide durability 

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What does this jewelry represent ?

The Vikings were known across Europe as some of the fiercest warriors on the continent. This is why the Byzantine Emperor surrounded himself with a bodyguard of Norse warriors, as they were believed to be the strongest, the bravest and the fiercest.

But the most legendary of all Viking warriors were the berserkers. These mighty fighters engaged in rituals to commune with the spirit of the bear before going into battle. This would give them the ferocity and strength of this mighty animal when facing their foes. According to some stories, steel could not pierce their skin while they were in a berserker state.

It was not just men who could go berserk. In fact, women were generally respected as the strongest magic workers among the Vikings, and therefore could more easily commune with their animal spirits.

These bear paw sterling silver earrings are perfect for the female warrior keen to invoke the strength and courage of the bear when facing their daily battles.

Color : Silver     Size : 5/8" (16mm) in diameter not including the earwires

Materials : Sterling Silver 925