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Helm of Awe Symbol with Elder Futhark Runes Bronze Pendant

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🗡 Authentic Viking Aegishjalmur symbol

🗡 Used by warriors for power and protection

🗡 Genuine Viking magical symbol from the Icelandic grimoires

🗡 Made in high-quality Italian Bronze by expert craftsmen

The Viking runes, Elder Futhark, were not just an alphabet. The Vikings believed that they had the magical power to shape destiny. There are many stories in the sagas of Viking warriors and wise men to find courage, heal, and defeat their enemies.

Some of the Viking wisdom about the runes has come down to use today through some medieval Icelandic grimoires. These preserve a series of "staves", which combine ordinary runes into magical staves.

The most well known of these symbols is the Helm of Awe, also known as Aegishjalmur. It is a strong symbol of courage and protection featuring eight tridents projecting out from the center.

The Vikings believed that if they carved this symbol on their head before battle, it would give them the courage to face their enemies, and the favor of Odin in the battle. It was a symbol used to overcome fear and draw strength when it was most needed.

Discover the power of this symbol for yourself with this carefully crafted Helm of Awe symbol, surrounded by a ring of runes representing the power of the runes to shape destiny.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 7g  Size : 35 x 35 x 1.5 mm

Made In Ukraine