Build a Legacy:

Raw Line - Natural Pendants

This is our collection of hand-carved wooden pendants and hand-forged iron pendants featuring designs inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. Each piece takes an expert craftsman hours to create. Since each piece is hand-made, no two are exactly the same. Each is unique.

Our wooden pendants are carved in a variety of natural woods including plum, walnut, and bog oak. Symbols available include:

Mjolnir – Thor’s Hammer was worn as a symbol of protection in the Viking world. As the Vikings transitioned to Christianity, it was worn as a symbol of continued allegiance to the old religion.

Aegishjalmur – the Helm of Awe is one of the magical runic staves from the Icelandic grimoires. It invites the favor of the god in battle and ensures that you can defeat your enemies.

Vegvisir – the Norse Compass is another magical stave from the Icelandic grimoires. A wayfinding symbol, use it and you will never lose your way, even if you do not know where you are going. It is a symbol of spiritual guidance in modern Asatru.

Ravens – these birds are sacred to Odin, the All-father. He had two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), that flew out into the world each day and reported to the god everything they saw and heard. They accompanied the god when he wandered the world himself. It is a good omen to see ravens circling the battlefield as it means that Odin is present to choose the bravest fallen dead for Valhalla.

Horned Triskelion – this symbol is associated with Odin and the story of the Mead of Poetry. It reflects the god as the patron of wordsmiths, since just a sip grants mastery of the spoken word.

Viking Wolf – these are potent forces in the Viking world and there are many famous wolves in Norse mythology. The great wolf Fenrir was imprisoned by the gods and is destined to break his chains and kill Odin himself at Ragnarok. His children, Skoll and Hati, will devour the sun and moon at Ragnarok. Odin is also accompanied by his own two wolves, Geri and Freki, they represent the challenging aspects of the deity, that are also sources of strength.

Valknut – the knot of warriors is the symbol of Valhalla, Odin’s afterlife for fallen warriors. Only Vikings that live and die bravely will find themselves there, and the Valknut represents the philosophy of living with courage.

From the forge, you will find a collection of iron pendants featuring the Viking runes, and some other important Norse symbols. Iron is considered to have protective properties.

The Sowilo Rune represents the letter S and the sun, as well as signifying our personal ability to find light in the darkness and look for the possibilities in the hardest challenges.

The Othala Rune represents the letter O and is associated with the god Odin. It represents heritage and the traditions that we have inherited from our forefathers, plus the ancestral spirits.

The Thurisaz Rune represents the sound TH and is associated with the giants and dangerous forces that are powerful and difficult to control.

The Wunjo Rune represents the letters V and W as well as the concept of joy. It can show the positive attitude required to find joy in one’s life and is linked to ideas of gratitude.

The Eihwaz Rune represents the sound EI or a long I and the concept of the Yew tree. This represents a connection with the ancestors and the other worlds and therefore esoteric ideas.

The Gebo Rune represents the letter G and the concept of a goft. The exchange of gifts was an important cultural practice and can. The rune can represent the necessary balance between giving and receiving.

The Mannaz Rune represents the letter M and the idea of mankind. IIt can also point to the divine spark within humanity and also the intuition inside each individual.

The Uruz Rune represents the letter I and the concept of Uruz, which is a wild ox, and Ura, which is water. It is associated with the vigorous force in every animal and ideas of persistence, determination, and endurance.

The Kenaz Rune represents the letter K and the idea of light, warmth, and a torch. It can represent intellectual illumination and shine a light on hidden knowledge.

The Troll Cross is a symbol “discovered” by a Swedish blacksmith Kari Erlands in the 1990s. She said that the rune had been used by her family for generations as a symbol of protection for their farm.