Build a Legacy:

While every piece in the VKNG collection is unisex and designed for modern Viking warriors and shieldmaidens, our warrior collection is our selection of the best masculine pieces for warriors looking to make a statement with their jewelry choices.

Within the collection your will find:

Signet rings featuring important symbols from the Viking world that you can adopt as your personal symbol. These include Mjolnir, the Valknut, Aegishjalmur, Vegvisir, Ravens, and much more.

Mjolnir Pendants, a popular piece of jewelry worn in the Viking age. More Thor’s Hammer pendants survive in the archaeology record than all other pendant symbols combined. They were worn for protection, but also represented aspiration, as Thor was the ideal warrior. In the Christian period, they were worn as a sign of continued allegiance to the old gods.

We also have Perun’s Axe and Ukko pendants, which are the equivalent of Mjolnir from the Slavic and Finnish worlds.

Armor pendants featuring some of the important weapons that the Vikings used to face the world including the axe, spear (Gungnir), shield, and more. There are also bear claw pendants, representing the Berserker warriors. These warriors communed with the spirit of the bear before going into battle to take on their courage, ferociousness, and strength. Many believed that they could not be killed while in their berserker state.

Raven Skull and Valknut pendants linked with Valhalla, the Viking afterlife for brave fallen warriors. Odin only chose the bravest fallen warriors to dwell in his hall in Asgard. There they live in paradise until they care called on to fight again alongside the gods at Ragnarok.

Chunky leather bracelets that look great on a muscular arm. You can personalize your bracelet with symbol plates in bronze or silver. Choose the runes and symbols that most strongly reflect your Viking values.

Axe and Hammer paracord bracelets, ideal for wearing all the time. They will hold up no matter what you are doing, whether you are hitting the waves at the beach each day or participating in a mammoth mud run.

Torque Arm Rings inspired by the arm rings worn by the Vikings themselves. These were exchanged between chieftains and their warriors and men would often swear oaths in the eyes of the gods on these bracelets. Our arm rings used genuine torque designs from the Viking era and feature wolf and dragon details.

Torque necklaces that sit with just the right level of heft around the neck. These were popular in both the Viking and the Celtic worlds.

Iron rune symbol necklaces, all hand-forged by expert blacksmiths. Iron was worn for protection, and the Vikings believed that their runes had magical properties. Choose the rune that reflects what is important to you!

Runic Pendant Necklaces that feature the runes used by the Vikings. Some runes were formed into magical runic staves, including Aegishjalmur (the Helm of Awe) and Vegvisir (the Norse Compass). The first ensures courage and success in battle, while the second is a wayfinding symbol that ensures you never lose your way.

Viking cufflinks, which are the perfect piece of armor when you are a Viking who goes to battle in the boardroom.

Wooden Watches featuring images such as the god Odin, the Valknut, and Vegvisir. These statement pieces are made from all natural materials. Each comes in a cool carved gift box and with a Viking style comb.

Pewter belt buckles with both Viking and Celtic designs that elevate your Viking look to the next level.

Options chosen from our VKNG Apparel collection including hoodies and t-shirts with exclusive designs including individual runes, runic symbols, and scenes from Norse mythology. We also have genuine replica Viking-style tunics and trousers.