If you’re new to the V.K.N.G community or if you’re interested in checking out some outside work, you might start by looking at our First Line. This collection of nordic jewelry was created to connect you with a huge variety of pieces that were made all over the world and verified to be of V.K.N.G quality.

First Line is the gateway to the Viking style universe. Simple materials and designs from contributing craftsmen from various countries (not 100% handcrafted) create a great starting point for those who want to try out the style, decide what works for them and find out how it makes them look and feel.

This line doesn’t ship in our standard V.K.N.G box, because it’s a collection from many places and contributors. First Line offers the most variety of our collections, because it isn’t a specialized line. Here, you can find viking necklaces, viking bracelets, beads, rings, hair pins and a virtually endless selection of accessories.